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Dell Vostro V130 Notebook 5540 HSPA Mini Card Driver A10

Dell Vostro V130 Notebook 5540 HSPA Mini Card Driver A10

Dell Vostro V130 Notebook 5540 HSPA Mini Card Driver Publisher's Description

Fixes: This A10 (QS4.9) Release fixes the following issues from the previous A06 (QS4.7) release: MBMTR00002774 Func: GPS does not send out NMEA data MBMTR00003014 Func: DRV, Not able to upgrade drivers, module not found after restarting MBMTR00003144 Func: Win7, RAT not showing when connected after W-disable and S3 MBMTR00003987 Func: Win7x64 F3507g No NMEA data after S3/S4 resume MBMTR00004067 WM shows radio off after S4, but CFUN=1 MBMTR00004356 Latest version of NoiseMitigation.dll in Dell installation package MBMTR00004144 C++ API function GetConnectionState() returns error 9999 when no module MBMTR00004284 Func: Usage statistics is not working after sleep MBMTR00004220 Preconfigured SUPL profile for Telstra does not work MBMTR00004657 Noise Mitigation Issue on OP_1 live network. Incorrect frequency provided to Intel Application (R1G09 fw) MBMTR00004739 FUNC: Win7; WM Core keeps restarting MBMTR00004738 Func: GPS autosensing does not work MBMTR00004781 MBMs Intel Noise Mitigation implementation reports wrong frequency for band VIII MBMTR00004547 Displaying short network name is not working in Win XP MBMTR00002339 [MBB] AC: Unable to read SIM MCC/MNC values MBMTR00004026 Func: WM Win7; Radio automatically turned on after sleep/resume MBMTR00004238 API, Switched carrier type to 2G – cannot connect by Win7 WAN after resuming from S4 MBMTR00004240 Cannot camp to network in Win7 WAN UI for a while after resuming from S4 (pin disabled) MBMTR00004686 Func: WIN7; Module can not be started in extended mode MBMTR00004491 No PNP rescan after installing QS4.8 drivers (XP) MBMTR00004525 Func: Upgrading Drivers QS4.2 -> QS4.8 does not work correctly MBMTR00004526 HW installation (USB enumeration) does not take place unless the Found New Hardware Wizard is manually cancelled MBMTR00004594 Func: Win 7 Devgiri; MBMDebug.dll missing after driver installation MBMTR00004687 Registry traces left after uninstall of QS3.3 which disables LTO when upgrading to later versions MBMTR00003984 FUNC: XP32, installation not complete until “Found new hadware wizard” cancled

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